About the Campaign

"Reject Sectarianism" is a joint movement and an appeal for collective action to eliminate sectarianism and strengthen the values of equal citizenship and shared existence in our common nation without religious or faith-based discrimination.

While the movement is being launched by the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) as part of our ongoing efforts to defend equality and freedom of religion and belief, we realize that it cannot be successful if it remains ours alone. We firmly believe that this campaign will not meet with success unless it becomes a voice for Egyptians who believe that we are all in this together and those united by a common fear for our future due to rising social divisions, sectarian tension and a mindset that divides the country into an “us” and a “them.” At the same time, we believe many people are hopeful about the possibility of ending sectarianism and working together to build a country that upholds all citizens’ right to equality and dignity.

The campaign will involve several ongoing activities and actions, among them the production, screening and distribution of media materials and short public service announcements on the concept and dangers of sectarianism and its manifestations in our daily lives. These will be available for viewing on our YouTube page. There will also be  Facebook page to allow supporters of the campaign to keep up with the news, express their opinions and take part in the debate, as well as this blog.

As part of the campaign, the EIPR has also released an interactive map showing in detail the incidents of sectarian violence and tension since January 2008 and their geographic distribution around the country’s governorates. Visitors to the map site will be able to see the chronology of incidents, their causes and types, based on information found in a report issued by the EIPR’s Freedom of Religion and Belief Program. The map site will also allow visitors to report any incidents of sectarian violence.

The campaign will sponsor proposals for action that will allow you to support the struggle against sectarianism and fight it in your daily lives in your own particular environments.

For more information, please contact us:
Telephone/fax: (202) 2794-3606, 2796-2682
Email: campaign[at]eipr[dot]org